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Deep Hole

Cabo Drilling Corp. has both the equipment and the expertise to complete deep hole drilling for either surface or underground projects. Cabo maintains a number of conventional surface drills including LY-44, LY-50, BBS-56, and BBS-75. Cabo also operates a series of Hydraulic powered long stroke surface drills such as the CS-14, CS-4002 and HS-150, which are capable of drilling depths between 300 and 4,000 metres in depth.

A fleet of electric hydraulic underground deep hole drill rigs including B-15, B-20, U-6 and ATL-20 series drills provide drilling capacity from 0 to 1,370 metres in depth, under normal drilling operations.

Helicopter-support drilling equipment is available for drilling up to 1,600 meters, allowing Cabo Drilling to meet the growing demand for deep hole drilling in a variety of settings and conditions. 

Last Updated: 04/18/2014