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Commitment to Excellence

Management at Cabo Drilling Corp. is committed to providing a safe and rewarding workplace for Cabo employees, developing client focused relationships with all our customers and extending our corporate responsibility to the communities that we operate in. A committed work force working to meet the needs of all our clients will generate superior value for our investors.

Raving Fans: An Innovative Customer Relationship Philosophy

Cabo Drilling adheres to an innovative customer relationship philosophy, advocated by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles in their book Raving Fans, which starts with our commitment to building relationships with our customers – discovering how we can meet and exceed our customer’s vision for each drill project.

Exceeding Customer Needs

Cabo Drilling is committed to discovering each customer’s needs, striving to not only meet those needs, but to go beyond. Cabo is committed to creating a vision of perfection centered on our customers, developing working relationships that are built on trust. Cabo Drilling is focused on delivering consistency, while growing in steady but manageable increments – improving from contract to contract – thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction at every level.

Commitment to Employees

Cabo Drilling  is completely committed to a customer focused service philosophy, which starts with our employees. Cabo Drilling Corp.’s Human Resources Strategic Plan, is designed to build a long term training program, improve employee relations, reduce employee turnover and improve safety and quality of life for Cabo personnel – building respect and dignity into all employer/employee relationships that spills over into our employee/customer relationships, thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction at every level.

Community Development

Cabo’s corporate responsibility extends beyond our clients and employees to the communities that we have the privilege to work in. Cabo Drilling is committed to meet or exceed its corporate responsibilities in each of the countries that it operates in. Through its drilling operations Cabo has been able to support job creation, and directly employ personnel, in both developed and developing counties around the world including Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Panama, USA and Canada

Our commitment to customers, employees, and investors, as well as to a level of social responsibility necessary for successful expansion, has helped Cabo move that much closer to its ultimate vision: to be one of the leading global mineral and specialty drilling services providers.

Our Goal

The goal of an exploration or definition drilling program is to produce accurate, quality core samples as cost effectively as possible.  We understand that every client has different specific requirements.  Our strong technical team can tailor our approach to your drill program to meet your technical, regulatory and environment requirements - one size does not fit all.

Decades of safe experience with custom-designed drills, and the ability to problem solve up-front, enables us to develop workable solutions for most drilling circumstances facing the mining and exploration industry.